Scuba Dive BC Regulator Gauge Octopus Octo Gear Package - SGP0003

Scuba Dive BC Regulator Gauge Octopus Octo Gear Package - SGP0003

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Promate Buoyancy Compensators BC800 and Gauge Console GP400 and 2nd Stage Regulators and OctopusOC450 and OC750 and 1st Stage RegulatorDF300


Promate Buoyancy Compensators/BC800 & Gauge Console/GP400 & 2nd Stage Regulators & Octopus/OC450 & /OC750 & 1st Stage Regulator/DF300:

Promate Guardian Tec BCD/BC800:
*Shell is made of tough 1000 denier Cordura/PU bonded to the inside.
*The Pockets are made from 1680, and 840 denier nylon.
*Larger bladder than BC700 and BC200 for more buoyancy.
*Adjustable shoulder straps with quick release buckles.
*Chest strap with quick release buckle.
*"Master Power Inflator" -- Build-in ScubaAqua Horn system power inflator for above and below water audio signal alert.
*Master power inflator allows you to attach the OC550 as an alternate air source.
*Integrated Weight System -- weight pockets hold up to 10 lbs each.
*Built-in rear weight pockets - hold up to 5 lbs of non-releasable trim weights each.
*2 expandable zippered pockets.
*Adjustable cummerbund waistband.
*Adjustable waist strap with quick release buckle.
*The portable "Independent Back Pack" and "Soft Tooling Padding", give the BCD excellent stability.
*8 stainless steel D-rings for convenient accessory attachment.
*2 quick release hose clips.
*3 overpressure dump valves.
*Color: Black/Burgundy

Promate Delta Scuba Guage Console:
*5000psi/350bar tank pressure gauge. Quality brass housing and copper beryllium bourbon tube.
*Convenient Fahrenheit/Celsius temperature gauge.
*200'/60m altitude adjustable depth gauge with a maximum depth indicator.
*Easy to read side view oil filled compass with ratcheting bezel.
*32'' hose with standard 7/16'' fitting.
*Luminescent dial face.
*Made in Italy

Promate Voyager Pro Scuba Dive 2nd Stage Regulator Octopus series features:
**Mechanically balanced for smooth and easy inhalation and exhalation.
*Under-chin exhaust system, directing bubbles to the sides.
*Recommended 1st stage: DF800NTX, DF300, DF300E, RG100, RG050

Promate Fleet Pneumatic Balanced Adjustable 2nd Stage Regulator Scuba Dive:
*Newly designed balanced 2nd stage regulator
**External air intake resistance adjustment system
Internal air deflector for smooth and easy breathing
*Prevents jaw fatigue during long dives
*Large diameter exhaust valve allows for proper removal of exhaled air
*Recommended 1st stage: DF800NTX, DF300, DF300E, RG100, RG050

Promate Scuba Tornado Diaphragm 1st Stage Regulator:
*You asked, we delivered. Based on the demands from divers and dive shops,
*Promate is proud to introduce this new pneumatically balanced diaphragm 1st stage for advanced divers and pro divers; those who rely on consistent and smooth airflows for greater performance.
*The four intermediate pressure output ports are mounted on a swivel base that helps divers adjust the hoses to the most comfortable position.
*The two high-pressure output ports positioned on each side of its main body can be connected to pressure gauge, dive computers or the hose-less transmitter.

Recommended 2nd Stage: OC900, OC750, OC350, OC300, OC450, OC400

Advantages: reliable; perfect regulator for extreme conditions

Users: tech divers, pro divers, frequent divers