Scuba Dive BC Regulator Gauge Octopus Octo Gear Package - SGP0001

Scuba Dive BC Regulator Gauge Octopus Octo Gear Package - SGP0001

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Promate Buoyancy Compensators and Gauge Console and 2nd Stage Regulators and Octopus and 1st Stage Regulator


Promate Buoyancy Compensators/BC200 & Gauge Console/GP200 & 2nd Stage Regulators & Octopus/OC450 & /OC500 & 1st Stage Regulator/RG050
*Shell is made of tough 1000 denier Cordura/Polyurethane for strength and durability.
*Adjustable shoulder straps with quick release buckles.
*Standard power inflator air system allows you to attach the OC500L as an alternate air source.
*2 velcro flapped pockets.
*Adjustable cummerbund waistband.
*2 adjustable waist straps with quick release buckles.
*Portable classic hard pack and single tank band with cam buckle and rubber pad for stability.
*2 quick release hose clips.
*3 overpressure dump valves.

Gauge Console:
*5000psi/350bar tank pressure gauge. Quality brass housing and copper beryllium bourbon tube.
*Mechanically balanced for smooth and easy inhalation and exhalation.
*Under-chin exhaust system, directing bubbles to the sides.

*Economical and high performance alternative air source.
*The thin and sleek design allows for multi-directional use.
*Compact and lightweight.
*Free flow resistant.

Force Flowby Piston 1st Stage Regulator>(DIN Available):
*The RG050 provides simplicity in its slim design while delivering consistent and smooth breathing.
*This 1st stage regulator is especially designed for divers looking for reliable performance without the hefty price tag.
*It is perfect for occasional sport divers.