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Scuba Dive BC Regulator Gauge Octopus Octo Gear Package
Product ID: SGP0003

Price: $789.95


Regulator Type:


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  Promate Buoyancy Compensators/BC800 & Gauge Console/GP400 & 2nd Stage Regulators & Octopus/OC450 & /OC750 & 1st Stage Regulator/DF300:



 Promate Guardian Tec BCD/BC800:

  • Shell is made of tough 1000 denier Cordura/PU bonded to the inside.
  • The Pockets are made from 1680, and 840 denier nylon.
  • Larger bladder than BC700 and BC200 for more buoyancy.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps with quick release buckles.
  • Chest strap with quick release buckle.
  • "Master Power Inflator" -- Build-in ScubaAqua Horn system power inflator for above and below water audio signal alert.
  • Master power inflator allows you to attach the OC550 as an alternate air source.
  • Integrated Weight System -- weight pockets hold up to 10 lbs each.
  • Built-in rear weight pockets - hold up to 5 lbs of non-releasable trim weights each.
  • 2 expandable zippered pockets.
  • Adjustable cummerbund waistband.
  • Adjustable waist strap with quick release buckle.
  • The portable "Independent Back Pack" and "Soft Tooling Padding", give the BCD excellent stability.
  • 8 stainless steel D-rings for convenient accessory attachment.
  • 2 quick release hose clips.
  • 3 overpressure dump valves.
  • Color: Black/Burgundy

Promate Delta Scuba Guage Console:

  • 5000psi/350bar tank pressure gauge. Quality brass housing and copper beryllium bourbon tube.
  • Convenient Fahrenheit/Celsius temperature gauge.
  • 200'/60m altitude adjustable depth gauge with a maximum depth indicator.
  • Easy to read side view oil filled compass with ratcheting bezel.
  • 32'' hose with standard 7/16'' fitting.
  • Luminescent dial face.
  • Made in Italy

Promate Voyager Pro Scuba Dive 2nd Stage Regulator Octopus series features:

  • Mechanically balanced for smooth and easy inhalation and exhalation.
  • Under-chin exhaust system, directing bubbles to the sides.

Recommended 1st stage: DF800NTX, DF300, DF300E, RG100, RG050


Promate Fleet Pneumatic Balanced Adjustable 2nd Stage Regulator Scuba Dive:

  • Newly designed balanced 2nd stage regulator
  • External air intake resistance adjustment system
  • Internal air deflector for smooth and easy breathing
  • Prevents jaw fatigue during long dives
  • Large diameter exhaust valve allows for proper removal of exhaled air

Recommended 1st stage: DF800NTX, DF300, DF300E, RG100, RG050


Promate Scuba Tornado Diaphragm 1st Stage Regulator:

You asked, we delivered. Based on the demands from divers and dive shops, Promate is proud to introduce this new pneumatically balanced diaphragm 1st stage for advanced divers and pro divers; those who rely on consistent and smooth airflows for greater performance. The four intermediate pressure output ports are mounted on a swivel base that helps divers adjust the hoses to the most comfortable position. The two high-pressure output ports positioned on each side of its main body can be connected to pressure gauge, dive computers or the hose-less transmitter.

Recommended 2nd Stage: OC900, OC750, OC350, OC300, OC450, OC400

Advantages: reliable; perfect regulator for extreme conditions

Users: tech divers, pro divers, frequent divers


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